In the campaign, you will start in the settlers town “Greymayne”, founded by humans and dwarfs just after the Ancient Wars. It is located beneath the only pass through the mountains of Torag. These mountains stretch all the way from West to East. The lands south of the mountains of Torag are considered as the Wilderness. Completely unpredictable and utterly dangerous.
Greymayne is a place of hope. Everyone is welcome as long as they contribute to the town in some way. Dwarves don't approve of laziness! This can be done by spending gold, doing heavy labor for the townfolk, selling the townspeople certain crafting items, you name it.

The untamed wilderness around the town is the stuff of many a legend, promising adventure and untold riches alike. The town is, for all intents and purposes, relatively safe, as long as one does not venture beyond its walls. The Kingdom of Nordraen keeps a garrison of 150 guards in Greymayne to secure the borderland.