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This wiki serves as a backlog for all the adventures you and other adventurers had in the Wilderness. Share your journals here!

You are an adventurer because you feel a strong call in your bones to adventure. The boredom of a calm life doesn't appeal to you – you are driven to leave behind the safety of civilization and explore the wilds to make your name. Regardless of what drives you, you are driven. You choose where to go and what to do.

Getting started

First time playing?

Check out the links below. They'll inform you about the rules and help you create your character:

Rules and guidelines

Character creation


Know what you're doing or eager to find that lost crown from the first Emperor? Post your recruitment here!

Eager to earn some coin and crack some skulls, but don't know where to begin? Go to the recruitment board and scroll through the comments!

New to Pathfinder all together?

Pathfinder is a game of role-playing fantasy adventures, somewhat akin to the stuff we used to do on the playgrounds as kids, but with more structure and sophisticated stories and rules. Players take on the roles of individual characters or heroes and a work with a referee (me or Disturbed Meerkat) who plays the world around them. It's pretty cuul :3

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